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Casinos accepting deposits with Diners Club cards

This brand produces plastic cards that you can use in the same way as regular bank cards. The differences lie in the terms of service and the privileges that holders of this type of card receive. They can be used everywhere, including for replenishing an account in a casino.

Diners Club is one of the oldest payment systems that has existed for more than half a century. The history of its creation is curious. Frank McNamara was unable to pay for dinner in 1949 simply because he left his wallet at home. Initially, the idea was to create Diners Club, a club for those who love good food and do not want to be limited by the available cash.

Over time, Diners Club has evolved and turned into a full-fledged payment system. At the end of the last century, the beginning of the current position, its position was significantly shaken under the pressure of competitors. Nevertheless, Diners Club has its share of the market and now many banks issue cards under this brand.

Customers are attracted by a set of good additional features. For example, a cardholder is entitled to free access to a luxury lounge at over 700 airports. The traditional advantages of the payment method with a card have not gone away - speed, security.

You will not see a separate Diners Club sticker on ATMs, but cards of this type are accepted almost everywhere. The fact is that a partnership agreement has been concluded between it and MasterCard. So if you see the MasterCard designation somewhere, then you should know that they will also accept a card from DC.

Benefits of Diners Club Cards

Here you can highlight the standard advantages of paying with plastic:

  • transaction speed;
  • security. If a third party does not find out your card details, then the attackers will not be able to do anything;
  • convenience. Thanks to the agreement with MasterCard, you can always use this payment system.

Among the inconveniences, we single out:

  • Difficulty registering. If you want to get a card through the website, then get ready for a lengthy procedure. You will have to provide a lot of information about yourself, more than when receiving a regular bank card;
  • you have to pay for the card. The amount is relatively small, but if you do not actively use the card, then there is not much point in this;
  • in the USA, you will not be able to replenish your casino account. The fact is that the payment system marks payments of this type with a special code, and banks reject them. Therefore, in America, it is more common to replenish an EPS wallet from a card, and then send money from it to a casino.

You can use this type of card like a regular credit card, but it’s better to pay attention to additional features. Diners Club differs from ordinary bank plastic in that the payment system has built relationships with many companies involved in culinary, travel, sports, etc. There is a system of bonus points for spending from various categories, so plan your expenses.

How to fund your casino account with a Diners Club card

The procedure is no different from replenishing with a regular bank credit card. In the account replenishment menu you need:

  • choose the MasterCard option, as a rule, there will be no separate DinersClub icon;
  • enter payment details, in particular, the amount of replenishment;
  • in the next step, specify the necessary card details and confirm payment.

Please note that the payment system itself treats the casino absolutely normally, but the bank may well reject the payment. So if the money didn’t come to your account, then first of all, check if your bank prohibits replenishment of an account in an online casino by its customers.

As for casinos that support this method of replenishment, you will not find many options in the search. But only those casinos are listed that provide a separate method of replenishment from a DC card. If we add to this all those casinos that support MasterCard, it turns out that you can replenish your account with this card in almost any online casino. Collapse

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